About Us

R.E.M. is a well-known international company

specialized in equipment design and manufacturing for the treatment

of primary, secondary and tertiary treatments of wastewater, sludges and drinking water.


The company, founded in 2003, has been constantly growing and today

has 2 manufacturing plants in Italy.

The constant effort of everyone in the company, a team of valuable engineers

and the focus on a continuous innovation on new applications,

have led to a fast-developing company and a broad product range.

The growth has been marked by the first subsidiary R.E.M. in Freeport, NY

for the USA and Canada market.


With more than 3.000 installations worldwide, a range of products

that covers the whole wastewater treatment, both municipal and industrial,

as well as special applications, R.E.M. is the ideal partner

of every system integrator and general contractor.