municipal sludge treatment

Sludge handling and conditioning.

Equipment for polymer preparation, sludge conditioning with quick or hydrated lime, conveying, dewatering and complete turn-key mobile or movable dewatering systems.

The sludge dewatering and conditioning is key to the whole waste water treatment process.

Its cost affect significantly to the whole process economy. It is imperative to have efficient and effective systems in every step of the process.


The range of equipment include every aspect of the dewatering and conditioning process but the dewatering equipment itself:

  • The polymer preparation units range, which includes systems both for powder, emulsion and a combined system for both, allows an effective control and management of the polymer consumption.
  • The range of screw conveyors allows a clean and effective handling of the sludge and effective containers loading.
  • The slide gates designed for installation under the decanters assure to dispose only of the sludge that meets the requirements of the disposal plant.
  • The lime dosing systems both from big-bags and silo allow to achieve the sludge stabilization, metals inertization and allow to increase the sludge dryness.
  • Mixers allow to perfectly blend and mix the sludge with the lime until its stabilization, metals inertization and allow to increase the sludge dryness.
  • The draining bags (REMDRY) are the simplest and cost effective dewatering system for sludge for those application where the sludge production does not justify a more sophisticated dewatering system.
  • The mobile or movable systems (REMOBY) allow to perform the dewatering and disposal of the sludge in an all-in-one remotely controlled system.